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For Americans living and working in the Middle East, the challenges are vast. You’re living halfway around the world, and the community, culture, and climate are much different than back home in the states. Furthermore, finding an advisor who can help you with your investments is nearly impossible. We understand these challenges.

At Reilly Financial Advisors, our unique history and team of professionals who have been advising clients in the Middle East since 1975 allow us to help our clients overcome these obstacles.

Additionally, clients can rest easy with the familiarity of an American advisor regularly visiting the Middle East who is also able to respond to questions via email, chat, and Zoom (as well as by phone) throughout the year. There’s no worry that you’ll have to call and speak with multiple individuals who don’t understand your personal financial situation. Our dedicated advisors provide clients with support when and where they need it most.

Our history of working with expats dates back to 1975, when we began working with Aramcons living and working in Saudi Arabia. Our tenured relationship with Aramcons has provided us with a unique understanding of both the RIP and Savings Plan, and our specialized expertise has helped hundreds of Aramcons to retire and successfully transition their lives outside the Middle East.