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It all started in 1975, when friends of the Reilly family returned on repat and explained the complexities and problems they were experiencing during their time abroad. These friends knew the Reilly family had been helping others with their finances for years and now they needed guidance.

Thus, the long history of working with Expats began, with the purchase of plane tickets to a faraway land. Over the past four decades, our founders have gained an inimitable understanding of the unique challenges those living and working overseas face. Our specialized expertise has helped hundreds of expats transition to life outside of their home country. With a worldwide clientele and a vast history of traveling to numerous countries for client and business meetings, Reilly Financial Advisors is uniquely positioned to helping those living abroad.

  1. 1975

    First trip overseas to service expats

  2. 1999

    Opening of Reilly Financial Advisors in San Diego

  3. 2013

    Opening of a full-time dedicated Reilly Financial Advisors office in Middle East

  4. 2016

    Dedicated team of professionals working with expats in Europe